No Service from Crabtree in Mildenhall

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No Service from Crabtree in Mildenhall

Post  Lewis on Mon May 23, 2011 9:44 pm


Have just had a letter through in the post from Crabtree.

They have stated that the estate (Mildenhall Haviland Woods) is now completed and that our management fee will now go up by 20 to facilitate its upkeep.

The estate is not complete. They have charged over 5k for gardening when there is quite literially nothing to garden and the grass hasnt event been put down across the majority of the estate.

Ive tried to find a forum for the mildenhall site but there doesnt seem to be one.

I see that there has been a post on here by 'Paul' complaining also about the appailing state of the estate, is there anyone else on here who are having problems, if so it would be good to hear from you.




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