Duties Not Carried Out!

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Duties Not Carried Out!

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 20, 2009 6:35 pm

Hello All,

It has been noticed that more recently, some duties such as litter clearing, window cleaning and gardening have not been carried out as per the schedule you as a resident are paying for (dependant upon property style). These duties are payable under the maintenance agreement, which is in most cases a substantial amount of money.

We have been marking on our sign off sheets (provided in communal areas) work that has not been carried out. Furthermore, problems have now been highlighted to the managing director of the company that has been sub contracted by Crabtree to provide this duties. If you experience any problems, or lack of work being carried out, let everyone know. If as a community we are not happy with the services provided, then it should be within our right as a group of residents to speak to Crabtree and request they are removed from the account.

We have been promised by the director of the maintenance subcontracted company that all efforts are being made, and if the above circumstances were to occur, to contact him directly. He can be contacted using the landline number provided on the bottom of the sign off sheet.

All the best,


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