Water Leakage Around Shower Trays and Baths

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Water Leakage Around Shower Trays and Baths

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 20, 2009 6:12 pm

Hello All,

Latest update - leaking shower trays and baths. We have recently found on both sides of our shower tray damp patches on the plasterwork. It turns out that the shower trays have not been sealed properly. Speaking to other residents, others have had similar problems with their baths.

It may also be interesting to know that Abbey have not used the standard recommended plasterboard for the bathrooms/en suites. Normally, a builder would use Water Resistant plasterboard, which of course would be ideal in a bathroom. Unfortunately, Abbey have not done this, resulting in the possibility of your plasterboards absorbing any water.

The extent of this problem is fairly severe, many residents have been having problems with leakages. In our case, the plaster literally fell off the wall, resulting in an unsightly view of the breeze blocks behind - thanks Abbey! This was reported to site and since have sent a building around to repair - however, you are never going to know if what the state of the problem is behind your wall tiles....

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